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Wilson Tool International’s Tableting division manufactures tablet press tooling for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and compression industries worldwide. In 2018, Wilson Tool acquired the Tablet Press Tooling division of Thomas Engineering Inc.,   a tablet coating and machine manufacturer with decades of experience serving the tableting industry. With this new expansion, the tablet press tooling division of Wilson Tool gained additional knowledge and expertise in numerous areas of the tableting process. We look forward to bringing these advancements in service, knowledge and manufacturing to your business.
Whether it’s a standard punch and die or a completely new design, your order is unlike any other. We take a customized approach to each customer request because no two jobs are exactly alike. Explore the custom options available for making the ideal tablet press tooling for your application.


Replaceable Punch Body

Replacement punch bodies are available for tablet compression tooling utilizing replaceable punch tips. A replaceable punch body allows you to just change out the body as it wears without having to re-purchase and replace the entire tool. Replaceable tooling increases efficiency in tool use and leads to overall cost savings as parts of the punch only require replacement as they wear.

Like replaceable tips, replaceable punch bodies can utilize advanced tool steels without the expense of using premium steel throughout the whole tool.

Multi-Tip Tooling

Multi-tip tooling is the ideal solution for increasing your tablet compression production capacity without adding shifts or bringing more machines on line.
Depending on the tablet size and the capacity of the punch body, multi-tips allow you to double your production output at a minimum. Smaller tablets or larger punches that can fit more than two tips triple, quadruple or further multiply output in the same run time.

                                                                             Multi Tip Tooling
Additional upfront investment for multi-tip tool manufacturing is quickly recovered due to the increase in tablet production. Over the life of the tool, multi-tip tooling can result in a substantial cost savings.

Technical Tip : Are you experiencing delamination problems due to a lack of time-under-compression? By using multiple-tip tablet tooling you can recapture some or all of the lost production — simply slow the machine down and add tips to your punch.


Replaceable Tip Tooling

Replaceable tip tooling is manufactured so that the tip(s) of the punch can be removed from the punch body. Since the tip is often one of the first parts of the tool to develop wear in tablet compression operations, replaceable tip tooling allows you to just remove and replace the tool tip(s) without replacing the entire tool. This option creates a more efficient and cost-effective solution.
With replaceable tip tooling, you can also reap the benefits of advanced tool steels at a lower cost. Just request the longer lasting steel for the punch tip with standard steel for the remainder of the tool to see increased durability where the punch needs it most.
Replaceable tip tooling provides versatility as well as cost savings, as it’s possible to change out the tip shape without replacing the entire punch. With this solution you can make any number of different tablet shapes with one punch body and varying tips.

                          replaceable tips    replaceable tip tooling
Replaceable Tip Tooling is compatible with Replaceable Punch Bodies.


Rotating Punch Head Tooling

Tablet press tooling manufactured with rotating punch heads can improve the overall life of the tool. Rotating prevents flat or worn spots on the punch head, which can sometimes develop from the constant friction of operating the tool in a single position within the rail.
Rotating punch heads rotate slightly so that the head receives impact in a different spot with every compression cycle.


                                                                            Rotating Head
If you notice that your punch heads are wearing or experiencing damage prematurely, consider adding rotating punch heads to your design. As an additional protection, select an advanced tool steel for the punch head to boost tool longevity.


Designer Tooling

Designer tooling is the most complex of all tablet tooling available. If you have a specific tablet design in mind, we have the capability to manufacture what you envision.



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